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Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

While believed to be the cause of many house fires, the everyday use of aluminum wiring in the 1970s is no longer allowed in most cities. If installed correctly, aluminum wire can be as safe

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How to Fix a Frozen Garbage Disposal

From time to time, garbage disposal motors may freeze, leaving them ineffective. You will know when this occurs when you turn on the disposal and only hear a slight hum instead of the grinding and

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Facts About Galvanized Plumbing

Many homes built before the 1970s may have “galvanized” plumbing. Galvanized pipes are steel pipes covered with a protective layer of zinc. Galvanized plumbing was a popular choice in new homes and discontinued after discovering

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Dangers of Dryer Vent Lint Build-Up

Clogged vents, ducts, and filters are the primary cause of dryer fires. According to the U.S. Fire Administration: 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause $435 million property loss. To help

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Foundation and Drainage Basics | Boise Home Inspector | Dwell Inspect Idaho

Home Foundation and Drainage Basics

A home inspection is an important part of buying a house. For the buyer, an inspection provides valuable information about the condition of the home, and serious foundation and drainage issues can ruin a sale.

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